The Association Between Exposure to Violent Pornography and Teen Dating Violence in Grade 10 High School Students


Rostad, Whitney L.; Gittins-Stone, Daniel; Huntington, Charlie; Rizzo, Christie J.; Pearlman, Deborah; and Orchowski, Lindsay


2019 in Archives of Sexual Behavior

  • This study found that exposure to violent pornography was a significant predictor of teen dating violence.
Exposure to pornography in general has been linked with adolescent dating violence and sexual aggression, but less is known about exposure to violent pornography specifically. The current study examined the association of violent pornography exposure with different forms of teen dating violence (TDV) using baseline survey data from a sample of Grade 10 high school students who reported being in a dating relationship in the past year (n = 1694). Gender-stratified logistic regression models generated odds ratios adjusted for... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Our findings are also consistent with 3AM of sexual media socialization and other social cognitive theories that posit that adolescents acquire information about sexual roles and behaviors through sexual media consumption and observing relevant models. Specifically, with increasing exposure to degrading and/or aggressive depictions of sexual relationships, these types of scripts are more likely to be activated and applied in real-life dating relationships."
  • "Collectively, our findings suggest that exposure to violent pornography may be a significant correlate of all types of TDV perpetration and victimization, particularly for male adolescents."
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