Jillian Gilchrest

Chair of Connecticut’s Trafficking in Persons Council

Jillian Gilchrest Chairs Connecticut’s Trafficking in Persons Council, a statutorily created body that brings various entities together to develop recommendations to prevent trafficking, protect and assist victims, and prosecute traffickers and those who buy. She is a feminist millennial with more than a decade of political advocacy experience. Jillian has worked as Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut and Policy & Communications Director for Connecticut’s Sexual Assault Coalition. She helped draft and lobbied for Connecticut’s landmark campus sexual assault policy, the first of it’s kind in the nation. Jillian also successfully lobbied for legislation to study a system of paid family and medical leave and is actively working to see that program become a reality in Connecticut. She is vocal in the anti-sexual violence movement, and recently helped lawmakers enact affirmative consent legislation and standards to address and prevent Connecticut’s rape kit backlog. She currently works for the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.