John D. Foubert, Ph.D.

Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Oklahoma State University
National President, One in Four
Author, How Pornography Harms

John D. Foubert, Ph.D. is Principal of John D. Foubert, LLC ( Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Foubert is an interdisciplinary scholar with over 50 peer-reviewed publications that have appeared in some of the top ranked journals in Education, Psychology, and Gender Studies. Dr. Foubert has written seven books about the prevention of sexual violence and two about managing life in college residence halls. How Pornography Harms: Today’s Research, Scholarly Perspectives, and Real Life Stories is his 10th book, and the one he hopes will have the broadest appeal to college students, parents, and the public at large.

Dr. Foubert has testified Congress and has been called upon by the White House and the Pentagon for his expertise in rape prevention. He appears in the national media on camera or in print several times a month in outlets such as CNN, NPR, and The New York Times. He blogs for the Huffington Post. Follow him on twitter @JohnFoubert. You can also visit his website at and email him a [email protected].