Video Game Addiction in Emerging Adulthood: Cross-Sectional Evidence of Pathology in Video Game Addicts as Compared to Matched Healthy Controls


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2017 in Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. (225), pp. 265–272

  • This study shows that video game addiction fits the definition of a behavioral addition.
  • Video game addicts showed increased symptoms of problematic internet pornography use.
Background: The Internet Gaming Disorder Scale (IGDS) is a widely used measure of video game addiction, apathology affecting a small percentage of all people who play video games. Emerging adult males are sig-nificantly more likely to be video game addicts. Few researchers have examined how people who qualify as videogame addicts based on the IGDS compared to matched controls based on age, gender, race, and marital status. Method: The current study compared IGDS video game addicts to matched non-addicts in terms of their... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "In general, video game addicts reported poorer mental, physical, and emo-tional heath and being a female video game addict placed individuals atparticular risk for certain negative outcomes. Video game addiction was also comorbid with problematic internet pornography use"
  • "Video game addicts did show increased symptoms of problematic internet pornography use compared to non-addicts. There is avast body of literature that suggests that addicts of one type are at in-creased risk for developing addictions in other areas. The results of the current study lend support to this notion."