The Short Version of the Problematic Pornography Consumption Scale (PPCS-6): A Reliable and Valid Measure in General and Treatment-Seeking Populations


Bőthe, Beáta; Tóth-Király, István; Demetrovics, Zsolt; and Orosz, Gábor


2021 in The Journal of Sex Research

  • This study was performed to determine the effectiveness of the PPCS-6 to, and was found to be a valid and reliable way to assess problematic pornography use.
To date, no short scale existed that could assess problematic pornography use (PPU) having a solid theoretical background and strong psychometric properties. Having such a short scale may be advantageous when scarce resources are available and/or when respondents’ attention spans are limited. The aim of the present investigation was to develop a short scale that can be utilized to screen for PPU. The Problematic Pornography Consumption Scale (PPCS-18) was used as a basis for the development of a short measure of PPU (PPCS-6).... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Moreover, the construct validity and reliability of the PPCS-6 were cross validated on two independent and distinct samples, including treatment-seeking individuals as well. Not only was the construct validity of the PPCS-6 supported, but its convergent validity was also established by reporting its associations with pornography use frequency, pornography use duration, masturbation frequency, pornography use frequency during masturbation, and hypersexuality."
  • "The PPCS-6 is a short, valid, and reliable measure of problematic pornography use that can be included in large-scale survey studies, can reliably distinguish between problematic and non-problematic users, and may be reliably used among treatment-seeking individuals as well. Short measures, such as the PPCS-6, may be adequate to use when researchers or therapists have scarce resources and/or when participants have limited attention spans. In future studies, the PPCS-6 may be applied in nationally-representative studies accompanied by one-item measures of subjective feelings of problematic pornography use to gain better knowledge on the prevalence of problematic pornography use."
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