Self-Reported Differences on Measures of Executive Function and Hypersexual Behavior in a Patient and Community Sample of Men


Reid, Rory C.; Karim, Reef; McCrory, Erin; and Carpenter, Bruce N.


2010 in International Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 120(2), pp. 120-127

  • This study provides evidence supporting the idea that hypersexual individuals have executive dysfunction in brain functioning.
Patients seeking help for hypersexual behavior often exhibit features of impulsivity, cognitive rigidity, poor judgment, deficits in emotion regulation, and excessive preoccupation with sex. Some of these characteristics are also common among patients presenting with neurological pathology associated with executive dysfunction. These observations led to the current investigation of differences between a group of hypersexual patients (n = 87) and a non-hypersexual community sample (n = 92) of men using the Behavior Rating... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Of primary interest for this study, hypersexual participants scored higher than controls on BRIEF-A indices of problems in executive functioning... for hypersexual patients these executive deficits appear to contribute to difficulties regulating sexual thoughts, urges, and behaviors leading to a constellation of consequences in their lives."
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