Predictors of Sexual Aggression Victimization and Perpetration Among Polish University Students: A Longitudinal Study


Tomaszewska, Paulina; and Krahé, Barbara


2018 in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 47(2), pp. 493-505

  • Pornography was found to be linked to higher levels of risk sexual behavior.
  • Porngraphy use was association with increased sexual agression victimization
This two-wave study investigated predictors of sexual aggression victimization and perpetration in a convenience sample of 318 Polish university students (214 women), considering males and females from the perspective of both victims and perpetrators. At T1, we assessed participants’ risky sexual scripts (defined as cognitive representations of consensual sexual interactions containing elements related to sexual aggression), risky sexual behavior, pornography use, religiosity, sexual self-esteem, and attitudes toward sexual... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Pornography use indirectly predicted sexual aggression victimization, via risky scripts and risky sexual behavior. More frequent pornography use was related to more risky sexual scripts, which predicted risky sexual behavior, which in turn increased the odds of sexual aggression victimization."
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