Pornography Consumption, Modality and Function in a Large Internet Sample


Solano, Ingrid; Eaton, Nicholas R.; and O'Leary, K. Daniel


2020 in Journal of Sex Research

  • This study found that approximately 91.5% of men and 60.2% of women report viewing pornography in the past month.
Pornography consumption research often contains measurement inconsistencies that make the literature difficult to integrate. We investigated measurement issues relating to four key areas of pornography research simultaneously in a single data set: (a) differential endorsement across commonly used pornography consumption measures; (b) common modalities of pornography use (e.g., pictures, videos); (c) function of pornography use; and (d) association of age and gender with the above. The sample (n = 1,392) of adults in the... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "In this study, consumption rates of men were generally consistent (91–99%) across time frames, though women’s consumption varied more widely (60–92%). Interestingly, this range in reported rates for women is consistent with the variability found in previous literature, which may be indicative of a profound impact of assessment methods."
  • "A small, general decrease of pornography consumption occurred across age for both genders. In our sample, 21% of individuals were over the age of 45, and our aggregate data analyses showed that pornography consumption declined monotonically across the decades."
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