Pornography and Sexist Attitudes Among Heterosexuals


Hald, Gert Martin; Malamuth, Neil M.; and Lange, Theis


2013 in Journal of Communication

  • This study found a link between exposure to pornography and increased sexist attitudes against women.
Using a probability-based sample of young Danish adults and a randomized experimental design, this study investigated effects of past pornography consumption, experimental exposure to nonviolent pornography, perceived realism of pornography, and personality (i.e., agreeableness) on sexist attitudes (i.e., attitudes toward women, hostile and benevolent sexism). Further, sexual arousal mediation was assessed. Results showed that, among men, an increased past pornography consumption was significantly associated with less egalitarian... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Among men, increased past exposure to pornography was found to be significantly associated with less egalitarian attitudes toward women and more hostile sexism. This may be due to past pornography consumption being instrumental to the acquisition of some forms of sexist attitudes among some men."
  • "Thus, among some individuals, exposure to pornography may prompt sexual scripts sexist in nature, and/or their associated sexist cognitions and attitudes, and provide the affective engagement, via sexual arousal, needed to engage these sexist scripts, cognitions, and attitudes."
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