“Pornographic Binges” as a Key Characteristic of Males Seeking Treatment for Compulsive Sexual Behaviors: Qualitative and Quantitative 10-Week-Long Diary Assessment


Wordecha, Malgorzata; Wilk, Mateusz; Kowalewska, Ewelina; Skorko, Maciej; Łapiński, Adam; and Gola, Mateusz


2018 in Journal of Behavioral Addictions, Vol. 7(2), pp. 433–444

  • This study found that binge watching of pornography is a common pattern of individuals struggling with pornography addiction.
  • Individuals compulsively using pornography have elevated anxiety levels.
Background and aims: Compulsive sexual behaviors (CSBs) are an important clinical and social issue. Despite the increasing number of studies, some of CSB’s aspects remain under-investigated. Here, we explore the nature of CSB, such as binge pornography use and masturbation (PuM), and verify the correspondence between self-perceived factors leading to such behavior with its measures obtained in a diary assessment. Methods: Semi structuralized interviews with nine treatment-seeking males aged 22–37 years (M = 31.7, SD... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "In this study, we interviewed nine patients seeking treatment for problematic PuM. We then collected questionnaire data and used a 10-week-long diary assessment to examine how the subjects describe factors related to their problematic sexual activity and how it corresponds to data collected in the diary assessment. Both self-reported and diary data show that despite the fact of previous treatments, all individuals met CSB criteria, and that the most common problematic sexual behavior was PuM (similarly to the study by Reid, Li, Gilliland, Stein, & Fong, 2011). The majority of them find it difficult to identify specific triggers of pornography use; however, they are able to identify repetitive patterns of pornographyuse – such as specific locations (e.g., home and work), times, and situations (e.g., being alone)."
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