Neurobiology Of Pornography Addiction – A Clinical Review


De Sousa, Avinash ; and Lodha, Pragya


2017 in Telandana Journal of Psychiatry

  • This review of 59 studies exploring the neurobiological basis of pornography addiction finds that pornography addiction fits with other models of addiction.
The aim of the current review is to provide a clinically oriented overview of the neurobiology of pornography addiction. The review first looks at the basic neurobiology of addiction with the basic reward circuit and structures involved generally in any addiction. The focus then shifts to pornography addiction and studies done on the neurobiology of the condition are reviewed. The role of dopamine in pornography addiction is reviewed along with the role of certain brain structures as seen on MRI studies. fMRI studies involving... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Neurobiological reviews on sexual behavior and drug addiction have confirmed that the networks involved in sexual behavior are similar to those involved in processing other rewards including addictions... A model termed the ‘reward deficiency syndrome’ (RDS) model has been implicated in pornography addiction. It implies a brain reward genetic dissatisfaction or impairment that results in aberrant pleasure seeking behavior that includes drugs, excessive food, sexuality gaming, gambling and other behaviors."
  • " In most laboratory settings, VSS [Visual Sexual Stimuli] play a role of a reward, as evidenced by the (1) experience of pleasure while watching VSS, possibly accompanied by genital reactions, (2) reward-related brain activity correlated with these pleasurable feelings in response to VSS, (3) a willingness to exert effort to view VSS similarly as for other rewarding stimuli such as money and (4) conditioning for cues predictive of VSS. These studies on VSS serve as a means to provide common grounds for theories of the neurobiology of pornography addiction and other behavioral addictions."
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