Masturbatory Habits and Male Sexual Dysfunction


Porto, Robert


2016 in Sexologies, Vol. 25, pp. 160-165

  • This clinical study examines the role that addictive masturbation and dependence on cyber-pornography has in the etiology of certain types of erectile dysfunction.
Introduction: After a Long Period of Relative Tolerance, The Demonstration of Sexual Abuse in the United States of America media and the internet. This is a well-known practice in the field of masturbation, which is generally associated with abuse of pornography.

Aim: The aim of this article is to shed light on the role of idiosyncratic masturbation patterns in the onset of male sexual dysfunctions; firstly, erectile dysfunction (ED), and secondly, coital anejaculation (CA), and to encourage physicians to include
  • "Initial results for these patients, after treatment to "unlearn" their masturbatory habits and their often associated addiction to pornography, are encouraging and promising. These patients were able to obtain satisfactory sexual activity...addictive masturbation, with a degree of dependence on cyber-pornography, has been seen to play a role in the etiology of certain types of erectile dysfunction or coital anejaculation."
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