Getting Stuck with Pornography? Overuse or Neglect of Cybersex Cues in a Multitasking Situation is Related to Symptoms of Cybersex Addiction


Schiebener, Johanes; Laier, Christian; and Brand, Matthias


2015 in Journal of Behavioral Addictions, Vol. 4(1), pp. 14–21

  • This study found that less balanced performance in this multitasking paradigm was associated with a higher tendency towards cybersex addiction. Persons with this tendency often either overused or neglected working on the pornographic pictures.
Background and aims: Some individuals consume cybersex contents, such as pornographic material, in an addictive manner, which leads to severe negative consequences in private life or work. One mechanism leading to negative consequences may be reduced executive control over cognition and behavior that may be necessary to realize goal-oriented switching between cybersex use and other tasks and obligations of life. Methods: To address this aspect, we investigated 104 male participants with an executive multitasking paradigm... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "We investigated whether a tendency towards cybersex addiction is associated with problems in exerting cognitive control over a multitasking situation that involves pornographic pictures. We used a multitasking paradigm in which the participants had the explicit goal to work to equal amounts on neutral and pornographic material. We found that participants who reported tendencies towards cybersex addiction deviated stronger from this goal."
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