Dirty Habits? Online Pornography Use, Personality, Obsessionality, and Compulsivity


Egan, Vincent; and Parmar, Reena


2013 in Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Vol. 39, pp. 394–409

  • This study found that pornography compulsion is linked to depression and anxiety.
Internet pornography use can be compulsive, but evaluation of pathology underlying this is difficult to assess. The present study aimed to distinguish individual differences in personality and psychopathology that predict pornography consumption in an individual, and whether this reflected more general compulsive processes, assessing 226 male participants. Neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and obsessional checking all significantly correlated with a latent measure of compulsive behavior upon which use of Internet... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "This study examined how Internet pornography use related to personality, compulsive behavior, Internet usage, and sex addiction. Clear pathways were found between neuroticism, MOCI checking and an overall compulsivity/addiction construct comprising excessive Internet use, sexual preoccupation, and greater Internet pornography consumption. Higher neuroticism was significantly related to Internet pornography consumption, but was also associated with the other behavioral outcomes and compulsivity measures."
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