Conscious and Non-Conscious Measures of Emotion: Do They Vary with Frequency of Pornography Use?


Kunaharan, Sajeev; Halpin, Sean; Sitharthan, Thiagarajan; Bosshard, Shannon; and Walla, Peter


2017 in Applied Sciences, Vol. 7(5), pp. 493

  • This study found several neurological differences between people who have low porn use versus those with high porn use.
Increased pornography use has been a feature of contemporary human society, with technological advances allowing for high speed internet and relative ease of access via a multitude of wireless devices. Does increased pornography exposure alter general emotion processing? Research in the area of pornography use is heavily reliant on conscious self-report measures. However, increasing knowledge indicates that attitudes and emotions are extensively processed on a nonconscious level prior to conscious appraisal. Hence, this... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "Findings suggest that increased pornography use appears to have an influence on the brain’s non-conscious responses to emotion-inducing stimuli which was not shown by explicit self-report."
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