Child Molesters—A Behavioral Analysis: For Professionals Investigating the Sexual Exploitation of Children


Lanning, Kenneth V.


2010 in National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

  • This report on common behviors in child molestors indicates, among other findings, that predators often use pornography to groom their victims by lowering children's inhibitions and normalizing sexual violence.
  • "The lowering of sexual inhibitions is usually done so gradually and skillfully the victim does not realize he or she is a victim until it is too late... Adult pornography is frequently left out for the children to 'discover.' A collection of adult pornography is effective in sexually arousing and lowering the inhibitions of adolescent[s]."
  • "[Another] use of child pornography and erotica is to lower children’s inhibitions. A child who is reluctant to engage in sexual activity with an adult or pose for sexually explicit photographs can sometimes be convinced by viewing other children having 'fun' participating in the activity. Peer pressure can have a tremendous effect on children. If other children are involved, the child might be led to believe the activity is acceptable... Adult pornography is also used, particularly with adolescent boy victims, to arouse them or lower inhibitions."
  • "Any adult who shows sexually explicit material or tells “dirty jokes” to children of any age should be viewed with suspicion. This is generally part of the seduction process in order to lower inhibitions. A pedophile might also encourage or allow children to call a dial-a-porn service or use the Internet to access sexually explicit material. He might send them such material via a computer as part of this process."
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