Body Image, Eating Disorders, and the Drive for Muscularity in Gay and Heterosexual Men


Duggan, Scott J.; and McCreary, Donald R.


2004 in Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 47(3-4), pp. 45-58

  • Results indicated that pornography exposure was positively correlated with social physique anxiety for gay men.
This Internet research project examined the relationship between consumption of muscle and fitness magazines and/or various indices of pornography and body satisfaction in gay and heterosexual men. Participants (N = 101) were asked to complete body satisfaction questionnaires that addressed maladaptive eating attitudes, the drive for muscularity, and social physique anxiety. Participants also completed scales measuring self-esteem, depression, and socially desirable responding. Finally, respondents were asked about their... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "With regards to pornography, a positive correlation was obtained between social physique anxiety and pornography exposure for gay men. There were no other significant correlations between pornography consumption and the body image measures for either gay or heterosexual men."
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