American Adult Pornography Consumers’ Beliefs and Behaviors Related to Pornography Studios Mistreating Their Performers


Tollini, Craig; and Diamond-Welch, Bridget


2021 in Sexuality & Culture

  • This study found that although most porn consumers are generally unconcerned about the potential mistreatment of porn performers, about 70% of porn consumers who do learn about mistreatment in the porn industry take some form of action to combat it.
Previous research provided limited information regarding pornography consumers’ beliefs and behaviors related to pornography studios mistreating performers, as well as the relationships between these variables. Consumers’ potential impact on studios makes this information important for researchers, as well as individuals and organizations seeking to reduce mistreatment. To address this gap in the literature, this project analyzed data provided by 476 American adult pornography consumers obtained via Amazon Mechanical... READ FULL ABSTRACT
  • "The participants generally appeared to be unconcerned about mistreatment and to not pay attention to, or seek out, information about how studios treat performers. Most of the consumers who participated in this project had limited exposure to media accounts of mistreatment, viewed mistreatment as a limited problem (i.e., only happening at a few studios), and did not think about performers or look for information about their treatment. More specifically, about half of the participants were exposed to any media accounts, and less than half of these participants were exposed to any accounts of studios mistreating performers. In addition, about one-third said they had seen or heard accounts of mistreatment about just one or two studios, with the percentages continuing to decline as the number of studios increased."
  • "The second key finding was the participants, when they learned about mistreatment, were likely to take some form of action. Almost 70% of the participants who saw or heard media accounts of at least one studio mistreating performers took any actions, as did over 90% of the participants who looked for information about at least one studio and determined it mistreated performers."
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